Our Process

Our strength is Down and Feather. We wash, dry, sort, steam, dedust and mix the material to achieve the best results. Everything made in Germany and with over 120 years of experience.


We strive to deliver the best quality and offer you an excellent support in all aspects. In our production we work with several Lorch washing machines, two to four chamber sorting machines, steamers, mixing machines and dedusting machines. All our machines are state-of-the-art to develop a ready to fill quality that exactly meets all known standards and especially your own requirements.




The feather and down is washed using high temperature water and natural additives, sanitizing the product and removing any contamination. During the washing process the down can be anti-statically, anti-bacterial and even water-resistant treated.
For high quality down our CEO Mr. Franz Kohl created a special washing machine. The Teflon coated interior, together with the maximum load of 30kgs per charge guarantee that the down will be washed and dried extremely gentle to reach fill-power of above 1000 cuin.


During the sorting process we use the natural characteristics of down and feathers, such as weight and volume, to separate the qualities into their individual components by using air flow. We have sorting machines from two to four chambers in our production and guarantee sorting up to 95% down.


Down and Feather is steamed using high temperature air. Any bacterial or microorganisms will be fully eliminated through this process. To reach the best results we steam all qualities before they leave to our customers.


During the dedusting any polluting particles are removed from the quality using vibration and vacuum. We have two individual dedusting machines and a dedusting machine at the end of every washing line. In this way we make sure that every material gets at least dedusted one time during the whole production process.


With the mixing machines we equalize the product and ensure overall consistency in the product. Our three mixing machines also enable us to deliver small quantities if the customer requests.


After being automatically blown into the well-known dark blue Peter Kohl Made in Germany bags, the material will be transferred to the “finished-material warehouse” or directly to the loading ramps.


Our Bale Pressing shaft goes 12 meters deep into the ground, with this special design of the Bale-pressing machines it is possible to press up to 800kg into a square bale. This makes it possible to load around 22 tons of material into one 40 HC container.


A large raw-material inventory gives us the possibility to offer a full-range of material, from small feathers for pillows to 95% premium down for top range comforters, sleeping bags and down-clothing. We carry around 700 tns of various materials, depending on season.


This enables us to respond quickly to the wishes of our customers and deliver material just-in-time.

Quality control & Monitoring

In order to guarantee maximum safety, we have installed powerful magnets on all our machines, both during filling and bagging. The magnets are checked after each order.