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Down and feathers are wonders of nature. They naturally combine lightness, warmth, moisture absorption and breathability. Another special property of Down and Feathers is its durability. There is a great possibility to reuse, repair or recycle down and feather products and so extend their life cycle.


Those characteristics make down and feather a sustainable unique filling product and impossible to be replaced by any chemical fiber.


Our company offers a wide variety of down and feather products. The machines make it possible to produce materials according to the most well-known international and national standards, such as:

International Standard (IDFB Testing Regulations)
European Standard (EN 12934 and other EN standards)
Japanese Standard (JIS L 1903)
Korean Standard (KS K 0820 and KS K 2620)
Chinese Standard (various GB/T & QB/T standards)
United States (USA-2000)
Taiwanese Standard (CNS 2119)
Swiss Standard (VSB-Norm Nr. 1.05)


We are also happy to supply you with down and feather based on your own in-house standards or requirements. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us!


Products below 60% down content we classify as feather products. The feather forms the outer main protection of the waterfowl. To meet our customer’s specific needs we offer feather products with different down content as well as completely “empty” feathers with different length, softness and curves.


The flat, two-dimensional shape of the feather is ideal for pillows because it can provide a range of support options from soft to firm while adjusting to body movements.


Down is the coating clustered beneath the feathers of waterfowl that keep them warm through natural insulation. Down is a light, three-dimensional cluster that traps air inside while allows moisture to escape and thus make it the perfect filling material for comforters, jackets, sleeping bags, just everything that is supposed to be close to the body.


Our modern machines and our experience allows us to sort the down according to most well-known international and national standards. Our most popular products include down sorted up to 80% and 90%, but thanks to our sophisticated processing we can also supply the most exclusive 95% cluster down content products.


High Quality Down

95% Down Cluster, 1000cuin Fill Power, 100% Goose


A special indicator to measure the quality of down is named fill power. The higher the filling power, the more air can be trapped within the down which leads to a warmer, more insulating quality.


We proudly state that Peter Kohl was the first company to achieve a fillpower of above 1000cuin. To reach these high results we sort the material up to at least 95% down and use a special rare raw material with big down clusters.


As this quality is very rare we ask you to contact us to check on the availability.



The Eiderduck is a wild duck which lives mostly in the cold northern coasts of the globe such as Iceland and Greenland. Each year in spring Eiderducks travel to their ancestral breeding grounds to raise their ducklings. After the ducklings have hatched, the Eiderduck leaves their nest behind and local workers collect the left-behind downclusters by hand without harming the birds. They have followed this sustainable practice of eiderdown farming for over 1000 years.


The downclusters of the eiderduck are the lightest and softest, but at the same time most insulating found anywhere on earth. These characterictics make it the most valuable filling material for the most exclusive and luxurious duvets in the world.


As this quality is very rare we ask you to contact us to check on the availability.


Recycled Down

Recycled Downs are manually collected from post-consumer goods like pillows, duvets and jackets that have reached the end of their product life cycle. While the cover of the product is usually damaged or soiled, the down and feather filling can be reused as filling material. Using the most recent technology we wash, dry, dedust and sort the down and feathers to bring them back into the circulation system. Our reprocessed down and feather can then have a second life in the form of a new sleeping bag or bedding product.


We take this process so seriously that we have launched our own brand “Daunhaltig” for recycled down and feather fillings. For more information you can click here.

Hydrophobic Down

Hydrophobic Down is Goose or Duck Down that has been treated with a water-repelling chemical. This makes hydrophobic down the perfect filling material for the outdoor industry as treated down absorbs less water and dries out faster.


With the treatment we use, our down and feathers can be exposed to water for 10,000 minutes before they become saturated.