Quality Control

Quality Control is extremely important to us. To achieve stable results, we test every material before entering our production, during production and before sending it out to our customers twice. All our laboratory workers therefore receive special training every year. In addition we participate in Round Robin Test organized by our european and international associations such as IDFB and EDFA to compare our results to all the other company laboratories in the world.




From the giant bulk production a sample needs to be drawn for our laboratory. only a small part will make it to the laboratory. For a correct and representative test result, sampling is therefore the first and most important step to achieve accurate test results.

Quality Composition

The aim of Composition Analysis is to determine the content distribution of the product. Therefore the previously pulled bulk sample is manually separated into its individual components such as down, feather, down fiber, etc.

Oxygen Number

The oxygen number is an indicator for the cleanliness of the product and indicates the amount of organic foreign matter on the surface of the plumage.


The lower the oxygen number, the cleaner the product. Most countries require an oxygen number below 10.



Most tests with feather and down must be performed in a standardized environment with conditioned material. It is extremely important to control temperature and air humidity to get an accurate, consistent and repeatable result.


This is why we have a climate Room here at Peter Kohl so we can always guarantee that the analyzed material is tested according to the specific requirements.


Fill Power

Fill power is used to measure the fluffiness of a down product.


In general, the higher the fill power the better the insulation properties of the down and the less material you need to fill your product.


With the right raw material we proudly state that our down can reach a fillpower of 1000cuin.



The Turbidity is an indicator for the cleanliness and gives information about the amount of organic, inorganic and biological particles on the surface of the down and feather product.


The cleaner the product, the higher the result. After washing all our qualities are super clean and sterilized and exceed national and international standards with results of 1000mm and above.


We regularly have our products tested by independent testing laboratories to ensure that the requirements for hygiene and cleanliness are always met.


Feather and Down Species

The Species analysis is used to determine which waterfowl the down and feathers come from. Most down and feather are won from geese and ducks.


For this analysis, the sample must be magnified using a microfiche. Based on the structure it is possible to define the species.

Color Separation

This test method is used to analyse and determine the percentage of gray down and feathers in a white material.


With the raw material we use, we can create qualities that rarely occur in nature with only 0,01% blackspots.



Hydrophobic Shake Test

The hydrophobic shake test demonstrates the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments ability to repel water and keep the down dry as it is constantly shaken in water.


With the treatment we use, we can guarantee a shake time of 10.000 minutes without the down getting wet.